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Entry #2

Got some cool shh- uugh stuff coming this year...

2009-07-20 21:46:39 by ArtificialFlava

I know, maybe like 2 people may even read this, hooray for my unpopularity, but Ima' work on that...

...Kind of fun to start off new having old submissions on here on another account I gave away...but I digress.

...Working on some "pilot" type animation ideas as well as a few music videos in my spare time from this everyday annoyance called LIFE...When I'm not being hounded at work to "sell, Sell, SELL" don't ever get a job...mooch off mommy and daddy as long as you can...working sux, but I guess in these times of economic crisis it really is a blessing to be employed, as if you even cared >_<'.

...I intend to put some effort into these pieces as I want them to go into my show reel. I have been attempting to get my butt over to Burbank, CA, as an intern or something at Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon...but timing is tricky as positions open and close like one of those things poop comes out of...

...Trying to hold myself to a professional status, not sure who out there will read this, potential clients or bosses =/ but, what's life without a little risk...(I may regret it later)

...Expect a few more "Art" pieces coming in the next few weeks as I now have my desktop computer up and running again...


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